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  • New York Fashion Week Street Style

    New York Fashion Week Street Style

    Sep 13, 13 • 795 Views • Men's ClothingNo Comments

    New York Fashion Week is always a story, it is not like all the other fashion weeks. NYFW has it’s own style that is difficult to copy. It’s a mix of american and european cultures in men’s fashion. There is much to write about New York...

  • New York Fashion Week vs Pitti Uomo

    New York Fashion Week vs Pitti Uomo

    Sep 9, 13 • 713 Views • TRENDSNo Comments

    Now is the height of the New York Fashion Week and before you see tons of pictures, that streetslyle photographers are now preparing , I would like to compare the styles of Italians and Americans. Italians are obsessed with double-breasted jackets and for me...


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