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Cinch Men’s Wear

Cinch Men’s Wear – Get The Best Collection

Apr 18 • 5 Views • No Comments

Fashion and styles go hand in hand and both men and women look for the perfect and most fashionable outfits in market at reasonable prices. Every day, a number of new...


Robb and Hugo Launches “Smart” Menswear Line

I’m always trying to stay up on the latest trends and fads.  Lately the goal is to strike before others in the mainstream get wind of a...

Apr 16 • 9 Views

Ralph Lauren released a new Lookbook

Ralph Lauren Released a new Lookbook

The brand Ralph Lauren named after designer , who ” opened America to the americans ” – released a new RRL Lookbook of...

Nov 7 • 372 Views

mens boxer briefs

Men’s Boxers by Charlie Dog

I’ve bought and tried just about every name brand boxer – from common brands to designer versions – and have concluded...

Nov 1 • 363 Views

Hamilton Shirt

Hamilton Shirts

In Houston there is a company that ‘s sewing shirts since 1883. Yes, you heard right, the Hamilton company was founded that long ago,...

Oct 30 • 402 Views

Men`s Shoes Men`s Shoes

Red Wing Heritage

New winter boots by Red Wing Heritage

Dec 9 • 270 Views • No Comments

Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. For over a century Red Wing purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of...

Church's Summer Collection

Church’s Summer Collection

British shoemakers Church’s exceeded my expectations: their new summer collection has several leather derby shoes...

Dec 2 • 291 Views

Top 10 Chelsea Boots of this Fall

Top 10 Chelsea Boots of this Fall

Chelsea – are tight-fitting, ankle-high boots that originated in the Victorian era, and were first used for horse...

Nov 18 • 365 Views

Sebago and Ronnie Fieg Released their New Collection of Shoes

Sebago and Ronnie Fieg released their new collection of shoes

Ronnie Fieg is a shoe designer from New York. Inspired by sneakers during his school years, at age of 15 he starts...

Nov 14 • 369 Views

Santoni Autumn Winter 2013-2014

Santoni Autumn Winter 2013-2014

Santoni brand was established in 1975 by Andrea Santoni, then the company has passed to his son Giuseppe and became a...

Oct 18 • 512 Views

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Thom Browne is launching a new suits line

Thom Browne is Launching a New Suits Line

Dec 5 • 283 Views • No Comments

I am a 100 % fan of this brand but we must admit that his brand’s things are not going the best way. He wants to earn more and probably his investors are tired...



The changes in life come so suddenly that you can only realize that something in your mind has changed. That’s what happened with me...

Nov 21 • 272 Views

Menswear for Friday

Menswear for Friday

Friday is the end of the week when you hang out with friends and visit the local bars to have a few drinks. Be ready for Friday night and...

Sep 24 • 772 Views

How to wear a tie clip

How to wear a tie clip?

Tie clip – it’s the same accessory as the watches. When you wear it, you need to follow certain rules. There are three of them:...

Aug 26 • 997 Views

Men`s Watch Men`s Watch

Pocket Watch produced by Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross

Oct 9 • 455 Views • No Comments

When I noticed a chain peeping out under Lino Leluzzi’s jacket, first if all I thought that was a money clip, or maybe the one for keys.  But today I saw a Pocket...

Longines, Switzerland 1910


I don’t knowif I disappoint you or not , but the prime cost of Rolex watch is less than $ 500 while the most...

Sep 16 • 679 Views

Collectible works of art

Collectible works of art

High-quality antiques is not only pleasant for the owner, but also a reliable way for investments, constantly moving up...

Aug 5 • 1056 Views

How to choose a good watch

How to choose a good watch. Part 4.

# CLASSICS I don’t know why, but to me, classic watches are associated with Germans, and of course, two German...

Jun 22 • 1162 Views


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Men`s Bags Men`s Bags

Atelier de l'Armée FW'13 Lookbook #4

Atelier de l’Armée FW’13 Lookbook

Nov 11 • 343 Views • No Comments

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Atelier de l’Armée. A few days ago they released a new lookbook of their FW’13 collection. Take a look at these guys...

Atelier de l'Armee

Atelier de l’Armée

There is a small brand called Atelier de L’armée based in Amsterdam and founded by Joost Doeswijk and Elza Wandler. They sell...

Oct 23 • 403 Views

Tote Bag `s Men

Tote Bag`s Men

You know, I was thinking about what do they carry in their large bags. So i decided to ask you. When a woman shows her bag I definitely...

Sep 20 • 840 Views

10 Leather Document Bag for men

10 Leather Document Bag for Men

It’s trendy now to carry document bags. They can be quite different: from cases for your iPad to leather document bags and all of...

Aug 7 • 1294 Views

Men`s Accessories Men`s Accessories


What Makes Italian Leather Different?

Feb 27 • 111 Views • No Comments

Italian vegetable tanned leather is one of the most classical ways to produce leather in the modern world. The earliest traces of leather were first seen almost 5,000...

New Warby Parker glasses in collaboration with Beck

New Warby Parker glasses in collaboration with Beck

Last year Beck surprised his fans by releasing the new album Song Reader as a notebook – so everyone could have...

Dec 6 • 265 Views

Native Sons

Native Sons Spring Summer 2014

One of my favorite brands Native Sons created by two great personalities Shinzuki Takizawa and Dita’s Tommy O...

Nov 4 • 307 Views

Best Gloves for Men

15 Gloves for Men

The more clothes in wardrobe you have – the more opportunities to combine the elements of your style. Today we...

Oct 24 • 449 Views

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