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The Return To Prominence of Hats - Pitti Uomo 86

The Return To Prominence of Hats

Jul 28 • 2 Views • No Comments

The way the modern fashion world is moving can usually be found quite clearly by looking at some local expos and events. There are plenty of fashion events every year,...

Wooster & Lardini hit Florence

Wooster & Lardini hit Florence

Pitti Uomo is arguably the world’s most significant event for showcasing and launching men’s fashion collections. Housed under the...

Jun 23 • 93 Views

Sartorial time-travellers

Sartorial time-travellers

If like me you’ve ever viewed old family photographs of great grandfathers, great uncles and grandfathers with a certain amount of awe at...

Jun 17 • 84 Views

This 100% Scottish wool!

Robinson & Dapper

One of the most exciting and engaging things about the world of fashion is the way that it can change dramatically from day to day. New...

Jun 4 • 118 Views


Comfort and fashion sense by 7 Diamonds

Looking for a new line of incredible fashion that doesn’t break the bank every time you buy an outfit? 7 Diamonds is the perfect...

May 26 • 136 Views

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Simple tips from Fields Menswear

Jul 22 • 27 Views • No Comments

We all know that our choice of shoes can make or break our entire outfit which is why it is important that we choose the right pair and make sure they are in pristine...

Gola Infographic


Understandably, our fashion influences come from all around the world. All countries have their own traditions and...

Jul 14 • 43 Views

Frank Wright Shoes for Every Season

Frank Wright Shoes for Every Season

“You can judge a man by his shoes”. This is a very common saying that most men do not care about even though it is...

Jun 24 • 92 Views

Grenson Shoes

Grenson Shoes – Quality, Simplicity, and Style All in One

Many men are looking for the type of nicer dress shoe that can be worn regularly that still offers them a bit of...

Jun 23 • 85 Views

Sneakers and Suits

Yes, We Approve of Sneakers and Suits

It isn’t uncommon to see people wearing the “suit, sneaker, and tie” style on the streets or to big events....

Jun 22 • 91 Views

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Business Style Business Style

Half-Lined Suits to Beat the Summer Heat

Half-Lined Suits to Beat the Summer Heat

May 23 • 133 Views • No Comments

If you’ve been anywhere near the Dallas/Fort Worth area between the months of early May to late October you know- the heat is on! With a summer ‘season’ that can...

Helps People to Find their Styles

The Luxury Shirt Company Helps People to Find their Styles

Every day, a businessman has to face several clients and business partners in an industry to gain success and more business opportunities....

May 7 • 160 Views

Thom Browne is launching a new suits line

Thom Browne is Launching a New Suits Line

I am a 100 % fan of this brand but we must admit that his brand’s things are not going the best way. He wants to earn more and...

Dec 5 • 447 Views



The changes in life come so suddenly that you can only realize that something in your mind has changed. That’s what happened with me...

Nov 21 • 392 Views

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Top dive watches with style

Top dive watches with style

Jul 23 • 29 Views • No Comments

The element of timing is essential for professional divers, which is why a good quality watch is considered to be an important instrument for all types of diving. Luxury...

Baselworld 2014 Infographic

Baselworld 2014 Infographic

It’s no secret that a good watch can be a defining characteristic of a man’s style. When we think “men’s...

May 27 • 81 Views

Pocket Watch produced by Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross

When I noticed a chain peeping out under Lino Leluzzi’s jacket, first if all I thought that was a money clip, or...

Oct 9 • 575 Views

Longines, Switzerland 1910


I don’t knowif I disappoint you or not , but the prime cost of Rolex watch is less than $ 500 while the most...

Sep 16 • 799 Views

20 Rules of A Real Man

Hot Style

Men`s Bags Men`s Bags

Clark & Madison

Clark & Madison “Bags which will last you at least a lifetime”

May 5 • 199 Views • No Comments

Trying to find unique, quality fashion accessories today that can really make you look the way you want without breaking the bank can be quite difficult these days....

Atelier de l'Armée FW'13 Lookbook #4

Atelier de l’Armée FW’13 Lookbook

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Atelier de l’Armée. A few days ago they released a new lookbook of their FW’13...

Nov 11 • 484 Views

Atelier de l'Armee

Atelier de l’Armée

There is a small brand called Atelier de L’armée based in Amsterdam and founded by Joost Doeswijk and Elza Wandler. They sell...

Oct 23 • 514 Views

Tote Bag `s Men

Tote Bag`s Men

You know, I was thinking about what do they carry in their large bags. So i decided to ask you. When a woman shows her bag I definitely...

Sep 20 • 999 Views

Men`s Accessories Men`s Accessories

Making Belts Do The Work For You

Making Belts Do The Work For You

Jul 21 • 34 Views • No Comments

While in the past many of us have found it fairly rudimentary to wear a belt, more out of necessity than anything else, today it has become a much more common fashion...

Accessories With A Subtle Edge by Ulterior Motive

Accessories With A Subtle Edge by Ulterior Motive

Perfectly chosen accessories can make your outfit exquisite. As an increasingly prominent industry, menswear...

Jul 11 • 34 Views

Men and Jewellery

Men and Jewellery: What’s The Deal?

For years now the idea of men wearing jewellery has been broached and then rejected time and time again. From the...

Jun 16 • 57 Views

Flycase Dubai - The Perfect Business Men's Accessory

Flycase Dubai – The Perfect Business Men’s Accessory

Most big businesses are found in busy downtown areas and for many business men this usually involves travelling for...

May 30 • 113 Views

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